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AskRebel is an online support center designed to assist you 24/7. Through AskRebel, you have immediate access to an extensive knowledge base which equips you with the latest information for your college success. This extensive list of answers to your most frequently asked questions can be found by logging on to MyRebel and clicking AskRebel in the left corner.

Hot topics include:

    How do I apply for Financial Aid?
    How do I know how much I will receive in Financial Aid?
    How can I view my account to see if I have been awarded any Financial Aid?
    I am thinking of transferring to your school, will my financial aid automatically transfer with me?
    How do I apply for admission to Hill College? How will I know if I am accepted?
    How do I register on-line?
    Do I have to apply to graduate?
    How do I get my grades?
    How do I request my transcript?
    If I fax a transcript from a different college is that considered official?


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