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How do I access MyRebel email account?

MyRebel email provides a web interface know as Outlook Web Access or (OWA). This allows you to connect to your e-mail through a web browser like Internet Explorer and view the contents of your e-mail folders, contacts, calendar, etc. You can access your MyRebel email by using the URL: or by clicking on the “Hill College Email” link under Campus Bookmarks.

What is my username?

In most cases, your username is the firstname.lastname.  For example:  john.smith  


To retrieve your username, click on “Forgot Username” under Campus Bookmarks.

What is my password?

Your password is your last name, with only the first letter capitalized, followed by the last four digits of your Hill College assigned Student ID number.  For example:  Smith1234



What if I forget my password?

You can use the Forgot Username / Reset Password link in MyRebel.  One you retrieve your username, you will be given the opportunity to reset your password.  If you continue to experience difficulties you should e mail or call the HelpDesk at 254-659-7625.


Where do I go for technical assistance?
For technical assistance, please email or call the HelpDesk at 254-659-7625.

How do I log off MyRebel email?

In MyRebel email, you will see an orange button with an icon shaped like a key that says log off. It is important to log off after every session and not just close your browser window. If you do not log off, your MyRebel email session is still open and the next person that uses the computer could access your account. Always log off and then close the browser window.

Why can't I see new e-mail arriving in my mailbox in MyRebel email?

To see new e-mail that has arrived in your mailbox, click the Check for New Messages button. This button icon appears as two envelopes on the toolbar. Your web browser does not continually check for new e-mail so you need to use the Check for New Messages button to manually refresh the view.

How can I view my Sent Items or other folders in MyRebel email?

If you are using Premium mode (Internet Explorer) you will see the folders listed in a hierarchy on the left hand side of your web browser. If you are using Basic mode (any browser other that Internet Explorer) you will see a Folders button on the left hand side of your web browser. By clicking on the Folders button you will then see the folder list. If you have sub-folders in one of these folders, simply click on the main folder and it will display all sub-folders that it contains.