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The cassava plant is high wage growth strong in the high hills, is the food of the people in the North West. With plasticity, the powder fragrant, fleshy, cassava is processed for many dishes such as tea, cassava, cassava flour, cassava fried. In particular, it is Sticky rice, tapioca, sticky rice, cassava is a familiar dish of the Thai people here. Just after each harvest of cassava about Thai woman get in touch with and prepared dish sticky rice, cassava, aromatic receptions all the international tourists. Cassava, training children from shifting about, peeling away layers of bark brown plaque filled with soil outside, wash to reveal the white meat. Bring cassava soak in water, let soak like that overnight to remove all toxins. Then the Meat, cassava is grated into small fibers mixed with glutinous rice was soaked overnight, for on-site up.
To rice, the fist non-stick, long stale, kind of business, used to raspberry plays ash important. People there use the sticking wood from the trunk wood in the jungle, this wood sucks away the excess water vapor should sticky rice is not pasty, which again cooked well, the sticky seed blooms are fragrant. When sticky rice cooked, I pour flung out the platter, spread thin out to raspberry fast cables. After the sticky rice has cooled add to cart little cloud, beautiful eye, put the lid on to new meal brought out or using takeout as do lady. Sticky rice with cassava, flexible, thick, fleshy dough infinitely re-scented rice sticky rice, the smell of tapioca. Grate a handful of sticky rice, dip it into the chilli salt, chew, swallow, the sweetness of rice with meat cassava blend diffuse in the mouth the more chewing the more sweet that customers eat a want two, eat can not stop.
Source: Dat phong khach san