All new students, who are paying or registering for classes thru MyRebel, must first complete the Refund/Disbursement Choice Process.

For the purpose of Tuition Refunds or Financial Aid Disbursements, they must choose between bank accounts:
Herring Bank (who issues the College ID Card), or their own bank account.

To complete your Refund/Financial Aid Disbursement Choice:

Log into MyRebel and click on the CampusConnect tab.
Follow the instructions given.
After choosing the bank account, the student is returned to CampusConnect to register or pay for classes.

If you are choosing your own bank account, you must have the routing number of the bank and
your bank account number.  These appear at the bottom of your checks, or you can call your bank
to get this information.

Students not registered thru MyRebel will encounter this requirement when they attempt to acquire a Hill College ID Card.

NOTE:  A student who has an existing ID Card or has registered for classes prior to July 2016, is
unaffected by these changes at this time.